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Temaikén is a park with more than 34 hectares where three big habitats of nature are recreated: the water, the earth and the air, where you can find different native species and from other parts of the world as well. It has three big sections:

•The African Zone, with flamingos, pelicans, antelopes, suricatas, lemures,       colobos, zebras and hippopotamus.
•The Asiatic Zone, with tigers, bats and squirrels, among others.
•The Native Species Zone, with two big areas: the Mesopotamia (region between the Paraná and Uruguay rivers) and the Patagonia.

The aquarium is a fascinating environment. The journey begins at the ‘Poza de Marea’ (the Tides Pool), which represents the environment from the coastal region that floods and dries because of the tides; continues at the Sweet Water Aquarium that recreates a river at the Mesopotamia; and ends at the Marine Aquarium, with fish from the Argentine Sea.

In the 360º Cinema, through its 8 screens, the images and the sounds imply the audience completely and transport it to a journey through nature through time and space, making it aware and responsible of taking good care of the planet.

Two interactive centers have the most modern technological resources:

•'Patagonia alive': an environment that promotes getting to know the Patagonia fauna and tells people about the project ‘Protection of the Andean condor’, on which the Temaikén Foundation participates actively.
•Water tells its story': a space where people get to know and are aware of the importance of water in our planet.


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