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Lincoln, Buenos Aires February 9,10,11, 17, 18 ,24 ,& 25.- - Lincoln – Lincoln Artisan Carnivals ( Carnavales Artesanales de Lincoln );It has been declared as the as the Capital of Artisan Carnivals; Parades and masquerades; Children and Elderly parades; Popular dances; National Artisans Fair at the Municipal Park; Election of the queen of the Carnival with the presence of queens from other National and Provincial festivals.

Lincoln, Buenos AiresFebruary 15 to Feb. 18 – Lincoln – Pasteur – Pasteur Folklore Festival – Artistic shows; It Looks out for emerging new figures in music, singing and dancing with artists from all over the country; Dancing tournament and traditional dances in different categories; Artisans fair; Organized by the Pasteur Folklore Festival.

Luján, Buenos AiresFebruary 15 to Feb. 25 – Lujan – Argentina in Lujan “Festival of Festivals”; Artists from all over Argentina; Presentation of the “Misa Criolla” (a Creole version of the Mass); Cultural and religious shows and other activities related to productive rural work; Argentine Countryside Fair; Religious Fair; Procession with miraculous images of the Virgin Mary; Election of the queen; Organized by the Lujan Municipality and the Banco Republica Foundation.

San Clemente del Tuyú, Buenos AiresFebruary 16 to Feb. 18 – La Costa – San Clemente del Tuyu – Santos Vegas Creole Singers &   Poets Meeting ( Encuentro Santosvegano de Payadores );  Traditional artistic shows at Plaza Pereira; Creole skills competition; presentation of well known “Payadores”; Folklore clubs encounters; Organized by the Permanent Festival Secretariat; Sponsored by La Costa Municipality.

Pehuen-Có, Buenos AiresFebruary 16 to Feb. 18 – Coronel Rosales – Pehuen-co – Sun Festival (Fiesta del Sol ) – Reception of the first tourist of the season; Guided walks and visits to Pehuen-co city; Beach volley, “truco” (Argentine card game ) and “tejo” ( game of quoits ) tournaments; Puppet shows; Humor and tango and parachuting; Brazilian percussion; Artisan fair; Presentation of local and regional folk groups and rock.

Chascomús, Buenos AiresFebruary 16, 17, 18, 24, & 25 – Chascomus – Kids Carnival Festival ( Corsos Infantiles ); Carriages parade; Music and masquerades groups, local & national.

February 16 to Feb. 18 – Baradero – Baradero Festival; Musical shows; Presentation of national Baradero, Buenos Airesartists; Coral encounters; Fireworks shows; Election of the queen; Cheap tickets; between Feb. 8 and 11, at the same place the national “pre-Baradero final takes place here at the “Pedro Alberto Carossi” amphitheater.

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