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The Beaches

Playas de Las ToninasThis is the perfect place if you wish to enjoy the sea as the beaches have a width of between 100 to 150mts. The waters are calm and warm, not too deep and the waves are soft; the sand dunes and trees make for an ideal setting for the family to enjoy.

Las Toninas Labyrinth

Laberinto Las ToninasThis Thematic, Cultural and Religious Park extends over an area of 6,400 sq.mts.; It provides a great entertainment for a nature walk amongst poplars, sand dunes and native vegetation. There is an observatory with a panoramic view of the sea, a conch-shell cemetery and a health circuit covering 400mts which has 6 gym stations.

Location: Block surrounded by 9th, 7th,14th  & 16th Streets.

Monument to the Malvinas/Falkland Fallen

Monumento a los caídos en Malvinas, Las ToninasThe monument was built by war veterans and the La Costa Municipality in homage to those heroes fallen during the Malvinas/Falklands War and who came from this area. Earth from the islands was deposited at the foot of the monument and there is a permanently lit torch at the upper part. Two flags and two historic canons (donated by the Argentine Army) representing the fallen stand ward. At the other end of the plaza, there is an amphitheatre used for shows during the summer.

Location: 9th, 36th, 7th and 38th Streets and Avenue.

Shipwreck “Her Royal Highness”

The ship had been built in Quebec, Canada in 1865 by one of the best known ship makers from the epoch. It was shipwrecked whilst sailing the seas in 1883, at a distance of 13 kms. from Cape San Antonio (North). Commonly known in the area as the English Ship, only parts of it still stick out during low tides.
Location: Beach between Las Toninas and San Clemente del Tuyu.

Shipwreck “Brasur”

This fishing ship sailing from Mar del Plata run aground 16 May 1995 in the beaches North of Las Toninas. The hull of the ship was made of yellow glass fiber and belonged to the group of “far away coastal ships” authorized to sail up to 100 miles deep into the Ocean and up to 360 miles from the Mar del Plata port.
Location: North of Las Toninas

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