Location: San Martin with Rivadavia Av. Opposite Plaza de Mayo. Montserrat

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the main Catholic temple in Buenos Aires.

From the time of the first adobe chapel in 1593 till the current Cathedral there have been six buildings on this plot serving as Main Temple, but they all had to be renovated due to structural flows and precarious materials.
The present church was completed in 1752 and 1852 though the decoration completed in 1911.

The neoclassical building has not got the typical cathedral profile as it has no towers and it looks more a classical Greek temple than a typical Catholic temple.

The twelve columns of the façade represent Jesus’s twelve apostles.

On the right hand side of the interior stands the marble Mausoleum with General San Martin’s remains since 1880, together with the remains of General Guido and General Las Heras and the symbolic Unknown Soldier.

The San Martin de Tours chapel on the left sector houses the monument to Archbishop Leon Federico Aneiros, a work by sculptor Victor de Pol, made of Carrara marble and stone with the priest kneeling at the center. The fourteen paintings of the Via Crucis were made by Italian Francesco Domenighini, and were originally housed by the Pilar church.

The floor was designed in 1907 by Italian Carlo Morra and made in England in Venetian mosaic.

Guide Tours hours

Mausoleum and Crypt: Monday to Friday 11,30 hs.
Art Exhibition: Monday to Friday 13,15 hs.
Temple and Crypt: Monday to Friday 11 hs.
Children visits: Monday to Friday 11 hs.

Church hours:
Monday to Friday 08,00 hs. To 19,00 hs.
Saturdays and Sundays 09,00 hs. to 19,30 hs.