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*Estancia Santa Susana: Wednesdays. Fridays. Sundays.
*Estancia La Candelaria: Tuesdays. Thursdays. Saturdays.

Departure and arrival times at Estancia La Susana: 9 30 AM/ 5 30 PM
Departure and arrival times at Estancia La Candelaria: 8 30 AM/ 6 30 PM
Duration: 9-10 hours

In this journey we go to the outskirts of the city. The view changes and the plain transforms the landscape. We get into the Pampeana region, located 85 kilometers from Capital Federal. During the trip, our tour guides will be in charge of providing the details of gaucho life till we get to the Estancia. Gauchos will receive us with a special brunch (empanadas, wine and farm food tastings). We will be able to ride horses in colonial carriages called “sulkys” and take wlaks.
At noon, we have the traditional gaucho lunch; asado with salads. It includes sodas, water, beer and wines (unlimited consumption of food and drinks). During lunch, a folk show will be performed with tango dancers. In the afternoon, we will enjoy spectacular exhibitions of creole skills such as cuadreras races, sortija races and stroll of tropilla. To end this visit we are invited to enjoy regional snacks and drinks (pastelitos and mate).
An unforgettable day to enjoy and learn about gaucho life!