Departures: Tuesdays to Sundays
Departure and arrival times: 9:15 AM to 6:15 PM
Duration: 9 hours

It is a 34 hectares park where nature amazes, we can find this spectacular place 50 kilometers of Escobar. There, the 3 biggest habitats of nature are recreated: Water, Air and Earth; different autochthonous and from other regions of the world species can be seen. It comprises three big sectors:
African zone (with flamingos, pelicans, antilopes, meerkats, lemurs, zebras and hippos)
Asian zone with tigers (bats, and squirrels among others.
Autochthonous species zone divided into two areas; Mesopotamia and Patagonia.
The aquarium is fascinating. The journey begins with Poza de Marea which represents a Mesopotamia river and finishes in the Marino aquarium with fishes of Argentinian sea.
In a 360` cinema, through its 8 large screens, the images and sounds amaze the viewer and transport him in a natural journey through space and time, making him participant and responsible for the care of our planet.
Two interactive centers count with the most modern technological resources: “Patagonia Subterranea” is a place that promotes Patagonia fauna knowledge and invites to meet the wildlife while it informs about the Condor Andino Conservation Project, which is carried out by the Temaiken Foundation. Another important project is “Water tells its story”; a space devoted to knowledge and awareness of the importance of water in our planet. An unforgettable day surrounded by nature!

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